Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Red clay stains on new concrete.

This New construction concrete cleanup at Bradfordville Baptist Church was a unique project. New concrete is particularly difficult to clean and red clay stains common to our area require a unique cleaning technique.  The general contractor was delighted with the results Spray Wash was able to provide. If you have unique cleaning needs call us at 850-320-6364 or visit us on-line at http://www.spray-wash.com.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Funky Windows?

 Sometimes windows get so dirty that traditional squeegee methods ( of water-fed polling with pure water)  won't get them clean.  This windows at FAMU school of pharmacy were covered in a thick algae growth and needed a deep scrubbing to remove the biofilm.  Spray Wash used our gentle softwash method to first kill the growth and then clean and polish the windows back to their orginal brilliance.

Additionally we pressure washed the concrete flatwork areas (including the ADA ramp) to remove slip and fall hazards and make this college campus beautiful again. A clean building is a sign of a well maintained building.

If you have pressure washing, softwashing, power washing or window cleaning needs in the Tallahassee or North Florida area, please contact Spray Wash at 850.320.6364 or visit our website at www.spray-wash.com to request a quote.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Ugly rust stains?

Ugly rust stains? Often times removing rust stains can be a special type cleaning. This is not the type of stain that can be attacked solely with a pressure washer....In fact trying to purely pressure is staying like this off would likely result in irreversible damage to the building.

At Spray Wash, we are stain experts! We know the proper procedure to use to get the most any stain out and make your business or home look it’s very Best again! Call us at 850–320-6364 or visit us online www.spraywash.com

Remove ugly  rust stains from your home or business!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Landscape damage in Tallahassee

Maybe lowest price isn't the best? On my morning rounds today I realized I was passing by a state property Spray Wash recently bid on (1st District Court of Appeals), so I whipped into the parking lot to check things out. I never heard a confirmation where we had won or lost the bid...well it turns out we lost, as another company had been "cleaning" this building.  Spray Wash wasn't he only loser in this situation, the citizens of the sate of Florida lost as well!   The company who was cleaning this project has caused THOUSANDS of dollars in landscape damage to this courthouse.  Decades old rose shrubberies have been defoliated, and cypress trees are dying.  The carefully manicured lawn has been damaged as well.  This is not a spot or three of damage with a couple of leaves knocked of a plant, this is wide scale death and defoliation in areas where the cleaning company attacked the building with harsh caustic chemicals.

Sadly, this did not need to occur.  A minor bit of care and concern for the plants would have done wonders for their preservation, plus the judicious use of the PROPER amounts of cleaning agents would have prevented all this damage.   So many times cleaning companies go with a "More is better" approach to their cleanings. Nothing could be further from the truth!  Frankly companies should not take on projects such as this if they don't have the skill level to deal with landscaping matters.

The really sad part to me is that I know this building can be washed without casing any damage to the plants. Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning had provided softwashing and pressure washing services to the 1st DCA on several occasions, even cleaning the entire building in 2014. We have never had any landscape issues at all on that property. Sadly, we weren't "low-bid"this time and the State of Florida went with another contractor....looks like that low bid decision will cost the state taxpayers thousands in landscape replacement.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Water Tower cleaning!

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane....No it’s just your friendly Spray Wash exterior cleaning crews Providing a gentle  Softwash to a city of Tallahassee water tank located in the Summerbrooke neighborhood.  Regular cleanings such as this on water towers and water tanks helps to maintain the longevity of the paint and exterior coating of the surface,  by saving the city of Tallahassee and the taxpayers lots of money.

If you have   High pressure washing, soft washing, or power washing needs from one story to 165 feet up in the air like this tower  then call Spray Wash at 850-320-6364 .  Www.spray-wash.com