Monday, January 20, 2020

Another water tower

Ay Spray Wash, we clean water towers!  Using both softwashing and pressure washing techniques we are able to remove the algae and mildew build-up which attack the paint. This biological material will actually eat away at the surface coating, so regular maintenance cleanings actually help to save the taxpayers of Tallahassee huge sums of money, as repairing these monstrosities is not an easy (or cheap) task!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Paver cleaning and sealing in Tallahassee

Sand-set or  brick pavers are a beautiful choice to enhance any landscape or flat work area, however this is not a maintenance free construction material. Pavers need to be cleaned and sealed to maintain their beauty and the structural integrity.   Improper cleaning can actually wash the base sand out from underneath the base creating depressions and voids. Ultra-high directional pressure can remove sand from the joints causing the pavers to shift and become misaligned.   It is imperative to clean pavers correctly!

Other additional maintenance that should be considered for pavers are occasional re-sanding with the proper sand and the correct sealer applied to them. 

We are a big fan of the SEK Surebond sealer provided by 3isupply.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Metal Roof? We can clean those!

Metal roofing has become a very popular choice in the construction industry. We often find it on large commercial buildings, as well as seeing a trend of it occurring on residential homes. While very durable, Metal roofing can be very tricky to clean. Manufacturers have very strict cleaning requirements that must be adhered to... deviating from the standard operating procedures can cause damage to the roof system. 

At Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning we are very familiar with manufacturer specifications and the proper way to clean metal roofing  Over the past decade we have cleaned hundreds of thousands of square feet of metal roofs with stellar results.

Did you know that improper chemical use or  incorrect pressure can permanently scar  or damage your metal roof's finish? It is critical to understand the proper cleaning specifications which may vary from  manufacturer to manufacturer.  Metal roof cleaning is not "one-size-fits-all."  Make sure your cleaning company has researched the manufactured specifications and understands to PROPER cleaning methodology.

Additionally, cleaning a metal roof can be QUITE dangerous. It is imperative to wear the proper PPE (personal protective equipment) and use fall restraint gear for employees. 

The photographs you see here are from a project that was completed in December 2019  at the Jackson County Department of Health.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ray discusses plant and property protection

We take Plant and and Property protection very seriously at Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning.  In fact it is such an important part of the pressure washing,  roof cleaning,  and softwashing process that we have created a 5 hour class and certification which we have presented around the nation.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Softwashing vs. pressure washing explained with Pumpkins

Ray from Spray Wash explains the difference between softwashing and pressure washing using pumpkins...perfect for this fall time of year!

Softwashing a pumpkin

SprayWash Exterior Cleaning
Tallahassee’s softwashing and pressure washing experts!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Spray Wash Academy podcast 3

Ray discusses the proper etiquette on the Facebook forums. The power washing and cleaning forums are a phenomenon on Facebook that attract thousands of cleaners to them, However sometimes people’s behavior in these forums are a little bit less than “professional”.

If you are a professional cleaner and are looking for advice on Facebook, feel free to join us at Spray Wash Academy, and talk to one of our moderators about admission or visit us at

If you’re a homeowner or business person and needing exterior cleaning services, give us a call at 850-320-6364. Spray Wash is Tallahassee is the largest exterior cleaning company we and look forward to discussing your project with you. Tallahassee’s best roof cleaning

Monday, September 30, 2019

Spray Wash Academy Podcast 2

In this episode of Spray Wash Academy podcast we discuss the importance of having a written business plan and goal-setting. If you don’t have a good roadmap, Then it’s going to be really hard to figure out where you’re headed to. A business plan and goals help to serve as part of that road map.

Remember when you have power washing, Softwash Ann, our roof cleaning needs in Tallahassee Florida call Spray Wash exterior cleaning. We are the areas leading pressure washing company. We be happy to consult with you about your project and provide you a free quote. 850-320-6364 Tallahassee’s best pressure washing company