Saturday, February 27, 2016

UAMCC Biography of Ramon (Ray) Burke of Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning

Biography of Ray Burke for UAMCC
Vice Presidential Nominee

Hello and thanks for taking your valuable time to learn a little more about me. As many of you know, I was a real estate developer before the "Crash of '09", and the bursting bubble of the housing market was life changing for me! For 20 years, all I had done was real estate. I literally started over from nothing, using a Homelite Pressure Washer from Home Depot (maybe it was a Troy-bilt) and a used pool pump as a softwash rig.

As my business grew I was able to incorporate my wife into the Spray Wash family after my second year in business. Six years later, my wife Tonya Burke, and I have built a very comfortable business.We have a total of three full time crews, have expanded into hood cleaning, and have created 10 jobs for that did not exist 6 years ago!

I will never forget my very humble beginnings, and how vital mentorship and professional associations were (and still are) to my success. One of the main reasons I choose to be active in the UAMCC is to hopefully  make a positive impact on members lives, to share ideas, to help inspire them. I will always strive to make myself available for questions, advice, or even just a friendly ear to listen to your issues.

I would greatly appreciate your support in the upcoming 2016 UAMCC elections.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Spray Wash is excited to announce we are now using the ProPortioner for our soft-wash systems. This revolutionary patent-pending tool helps to make exact chemical mixes, blending multiple products at the pump. It takes the guesswork out of mixing and enables the user to change strengths of the cleaning solution "on the fly"! With it's ability to blend up to three liquid products at one time, we can even further customize our cleaning solution to find the exact mixture to provide optimum results thereby avoiding damage from high pressure!

Learn more about the ProPortioner here!