Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Facilities Maintenance By Spray Wash

Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning can handle your facility's pressure washing needs! Sometimes it's the "little areas" that need the most attention, like this small access hallway located off a very busy road at a major Tallahassee institution. Dirt, smog, and other contaminates drift into the hallway and settle on the walls, leaving a big mess.  Not only is cleanliness important for safety and extending the life of the paint and exterior coating, but clean entrances send a clear and warm message to employees and patrons alike.

Whether you have a large pressure washing job, or something small like this hallway, Spray Wash is Tallahassee's leader in providing service for your facility!

Tallahassee Pressure Washing

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tallahassee Roof Cleaning, 9 stories in the Air!

Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning can handle any sized roof cleaning job, no matter the size or logistical location. This particular roof is located on top of the original Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Building. Years of  atmospheric contamination combined with warm humid temperatures made it an ideal candidate for a safe, low pressure cleaning.

Our professional crews worked safely and effectively restoring the roof coating to its original white color.  The cleaning has several advantages, including making a safer, non-slippery work environment doing roof access. Additionally the life of the roof coating will be extended by removal of the algae and mildew growth. Very importantly, the energy efficiency of the roof and building can be hugely impacted my restoring the roof to its original white color. The sealed white roof provides a reflective surface, while the dirty roof absorbs heat, thus costing more to cool the building.

When you have pressure washing, softwashing, or roof cleaning needs from 1000 feet to 100,000 feet remember to call Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning at 850-320-6364