Monday, May 22, 2017

Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning washes Wescott Fountain for FSU graduation celebration!  

We never know exactly what type of unique job we may be doing from week to week at Spray Wash. One very interesting cleanings we performed recently was the washing at Wescott Fountain at the main Gates of FSU. The sand-set pavers need attention due to high foot traffic and use at one of Florida State University's most photographed locations. 

Sand set pavers are a unique challenge, as high pressure can blast the sand out causing the pavers to become unleveled and undermined, creating trip hazards and nightmares for the facilities departments!  

Our unique soft wash process was able to clean these pavers and not cause damage, removing years of biological contamination and making the Wescott Fountain look beautiful again!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Roof Stains Aren’t Just An Embarrassing Eyesore - the algae, bacteria and mold living on your roof may also shorten the lifespan of your shingles and can cause premature roof failure. Our exclusive “Spray Wash System”  makes discoloration and stains disappear.  Typically a Spray Wash cleaning costs less than 10% of what it would cost to replace your roof. Save your roof from further degradation and call Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning today!!!

Roof Lifespan - The Algae Gloecapsa Magma infesting your roof is feeding off the limestone and fillers found in roofing materials and is slowly eating away at the substrate and integrity of the shingles.

Cosmetic Appeal - The discoloration and dark streaks are just plain ugly. It makes your roof look damaged & dated, and can significantly lower value.

Health Issues- Your roof is acting like an “all you can eat buffet” to algae and bacteria. Our exclusive Spray Wash System kills these living organisms.

Electric Savings- The dark streaks and discoloration are affecting the reflectivity of your shingles.  A less reflective roof means less effective heat management, and more $$$ to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Guarantee- Our exclusive “Spray Wash System” uses no pressure and is guaranteed to remove stains for two years. We never use pressure on a roof, doing so can void your shingle warranty. Our cleaning  method is approved by GAF (the nations largest shingle MFG.) 

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