Monday, October 29, 2018

Having some fun with pumpkins!

Ever wonder about the difference between pressure washing and softwashing? Ray graphically explains the difference using pumpkins to show the damage that high pressure can cause when not handled properly. A gentle softwashing process doesn't even harm the delicate skin of the pumpkins...but the high pressure washing destroys them! Our softwash system is applied between 50-100 PSI and rinsed at less than 200 PSI. We custom blend each solution we make for each property. This ensures we get the proper strength to clean without using too much chemical (or too little). The Pressure Washer we used runs at 3500 PSI at 5.6 gallons, which actually runs at less pressure than many big box store washers that are available to the public (Lowes & Home Depot, etc). Those can often produce 4200 PSI. If you have questions about softwashing or pressure washing, feel free to give us a call at 850-320-6364 or visit our website at . Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning covers the Tallahassee, Florida and Big Bend aresa, including the Beaches of St. George, and Apalachicola area. If you are interested in roof cleaning & softwash training, feel free to visit our school website at

Click here to see our YouTube Pumpkins Video

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