Thursday, November 1, 2018

We Clean Fences!

Is your white vinyl or PVC three rail fence in need of some attention? If you've ever tried to clean this type of fencing before, then you know high pressure washing can cause damage and some of the stains are nearly impossible to remove. At Spray Wash, we have perfected the art of fence cleaning with our softwash at low pressure application of specialized cleaning agents.   Our detergents quickly act to remove mildew, green algae and other contaminants that make your fence look less than perfect.  The low pressure rinse cycle doesn't damage the rails and caps, and leaves the fence in-tact and looking white and shiny one again, restoring it to its natural luster. 

Our mobile cleaning units can handle any sized job...from 50 feet to 5 miles!

Call Spray Wash today at 850-320-6364 for your free quote for softwashing your white PVC farm fencing!

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