Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Helipad?  Yes ,we clean Heli-pads!

Most companies will go their whole existence without ever pressure washing a helicopter landing pad...but at Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning, we just finished our second one!  In both instances, facilities management was sure the paint was going to be faded and there would be maintenance issues to restore the proper markings after we cleaned, but our gentle and effective process left the paint markings sharp and bright!

Part of the secret is using the proper chemicals, the correct pressure, and knowing the type of "dirt" you are attacking!  As Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning, we specialize in this type of cleaning process.   If you need professional power washing, softwashing, or roof cleaning , remember to call the North Florida Experts at 850-320-6364!

We clean Helipads!

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